Career Opportunity

Are you a social person? Do you enjoy taking pictures while also boosting your social stats or would love to with creative designers? If the answer is yes, the Lionel Mínor brand ambassador position may be just the perfect opportunity for you. We are looking for a fresh friendly face to represent our brand! You need to be outgoing and willing to promote the business. Our non-profit is seeking to hire people who have confidence to promote 

Lionel Mínor on social media and events. Please feel free to check us out

instagram @lionelminor_official



Job responsibilities 

Day to Day you will have to promote the brand via social media. When there are events you will need to be able to walk around the venue and show off our products and clothing by wearing them. You will need to be social, photogenic and have a creative mind. You will be working with diverse people and must be willing to travel. 




We create a 15% off code for you to give to your friends and family that want to shop.  A percentage of the sale from every client that uses your promo code will be paid to you. 



High school or Ged 

Must have a license and transportation 

Have a good social media standing