About LM

Lionel Mínor is an urban luxury brand transmitting positive energy from Washington, DC. 
Founded as a non-profit company in 2016, the design collective and fashion house shares one-third of its proceeds with charitable organizations. 
In 2019 Lionel Mínor launched a full Black Royalty collection including designs for Kings, Queens, Princes, and Princesses, as well as unisex clothing and an accessories line emphasizing higher consciousness and enlightenment. 
"It's an affirmation collection meant to instill positivity, like a blessing," says co-founder and designer Kevin L. Minor. "It's a collection that says you're conscious to what is going on in the world and what is going on around you. As you're walking around, you're sharing that vibe with everyone you walk past and their whole mind frame changes. It's about inspiring and uplifting and teaching people through fashion."
Minor talks the talk and walks the walk. When he says the brand is meant to be uplifting, he's thinking of both his own personal story of struggle and his drive to return resources to help bring others from the community up with him.  
"In one sense the brand is my story of how I overcame, building myself up and resisting negativity to pull myself out of poverty and homelessness and towards my dreams, but in a bigger sense it's not about me at all," says Minor. "I want people to know that they're not just buying a brand: it's their story, too. This collection is for anybody who has ever been lost, then found. It's for everybody who keeps saying 'I want more, I want better.' That's been the main inspiration for me and the team behind the brand: it's about that self-knowledge to understand that everything is going to be greater if you keep on pushing and keep on evolving."